Under the tree, the high-tech gifts are stars ...

August 29, 2013 – 00:17

Smartphones, HD TV and the headphones are in volume at the top of the list of technology products that fulfill the hood Santa Claus this year.

This is the institute GfK poll that, according to a study recently established, estimates that smartphones will be the best selling Christmas high-tech products with 1.7 million units sold during the month of December. Fran├žois Klipfel, deputy general manager of GfK Retail and Technology France, states: "With the development of entry and mid-range offering, smartphones are logically - and probably for a long reign - the place of the last year by the classic "mobile phones. HD flat screen televisions, thanks to lower prices and the democratization of TNT, are in second position with a forecast of 1.3 million sales, half of which will be LED technology.


Finally, headphones with nearly 1 million of expected sales, are also on their lists of coveted gifts. A logical consequence of the success of smartphones and continued strong volume of media players with 695, 000 sales expected in December. "Some models of headsets have become real objects of desire and can afford to show a much higher than the music player itself Price: accessory gradually becomes a more important contributor to value the product that it is intended to supplement, "says Fran├žois Klipfel. And you, what you ordered in Father Christmas?


Source: www.pcworld.fr

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