Baby gifts packs for Hannes Oxfam

August 29, 2013 – 00:16
Oxfam Unwrapped | DROLLE - Creative Director

Greet and Karel: "Our second child, Hannes was born in a privileged place in this world. We can not say the same for many other children. It is for them that we decided to offer our loved ones to offer gifts Oxfam is racing to the birth of Hannes. One idea that has won a great success! "

"Why have you chosen Oxfam is racing? On the one hand, Oxfam is an organization that wants to improve the lives of communities in the South, with durable and complete projects . On the other hand, pictures gifts give concrete dimension to the gift, and visitors to the maternity not felt to arrive empty-handed.

In addition, it has pushed people to take a look at the website of Oxfam . They discover what it means to their gift and learn (more) about Oxfam. We are pleased that this new life could contribute to meaningful projects. "

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On you can discover our collection of gifts, testimonials from our partners how we spend the money collected, etc..


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