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December 17, 2009 – 00:00
Azalea Christmas Tree - Christmas Indoor Plants and Bulbs

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Ha ha ha! Because, I want to take special Christmas gift!

So ... on to send this text Hello!

Now ...

Happy baby park there baa held "published an article send you a Christmas present!" Special Events Oh!

Have raised baa friends quickly come to treasure Oh!

Right! This time ... I lost the super multi pearl buy furniture it!

」,我買了有: The newly launched "Christmas series of furniture, " I bought are:

Christmas and a bell, light bulbs chairs, snow bulbs, stars bulbs, bulbs windows!

Do not ask me ... Why are the bulbs Ah?

I do not know na! Bulbs are buying after the discovery of! Ha ... XD

There ... buy engraved goods:

Christmas ornaments, Christmas trees, Christmas wreaths, rain clouds, Christmas wall & floor, sleigh!

There is not a pink festive atmosphere too! But ... lost too much pearl lah! (Sobbing)

No nonsense!

Then I would first wish everyone: "Merry Christmas Hello!" XD

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