How much are your Christmas corporate gifts. The most popular are trips and hi-tech

August 29, 2013 – 00:15
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Panettone and spumante, yes, but only for low-level employees. Christmas in the company abandons the old traditions and makes technology. "The food strenne always travel on higher - Busini explains Marco, President of Assoprom, the association of manufacturers and distributors of promotional items and advertising - but are intended only now at the lowest levels. And in some cases, companies replace them with longer lasting gifts, such as suitcases or other luggage. " The average expenditure for an employee does not exceed 50 EUR.

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For others, however, companies focus on electronics, "This is the year of the tablet - ensures Busini - if they are of all prices and are an innovative object, so welcome." Well aware of the 1, 800 employees of the Financial Times, that at Christmas receive a discount voucher of £ 300 for the purchase of the iPad. In addition to tablets, companies to hunt for gifts hi tech point of HD televisions, whose price has decreased with the advent of 3D, netbooks and digital photo frames. For an employee picture you get to spend up to 200 euro.

The numbers go up when it comes to the manager. How to impress an executive who has everything? You are prompted for the companies in the past months. The answer came from gifts emotional, that in a few years have gained a large market share. Wellness weekend at the spa, hike in the mountains with off-piste skiing with a ski instructor, trip to the countryside to visit wine cellars and wine tasting, weekend sports with paragliding launch. "The secret of success lies in the experience of these particular gifts - said Busini - the simple weekend is something already seen, here you have to think of a memorable event." The expense for any manager can reach 600 euro, but there are cases in which "top managers for 3-4 companies spend even € 1, 500 for a cruise, " says Busini.

Companies do not think only to employees, but often also to their families: in Fiat, for example, today is the day in which employees' children receive gifts "business".

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The gift, however, is only the heart of the homage corporate surrounded by a low chain in recent weeks working at full speed. "Our - says the president of Assoprom - is a growing market, but only for companies that have evolved. The old "gadgettari, " as they called us once, do not survive if they do not comply. " The companies of promotional items today must have a background made of logistics and customization. "Even the simplest object, take for example a tablet, it should be customized with your company logo or with the initials of the employee, then there is the ticket to be printed, the packaging and delivery to be prepared to organize. It is an assembly which must be synchronized to the maximum. "


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