Unusual gift ideas for Christmas in Cape Town

August 29, 2013 – 00:16
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Unusual gift ideas for Christmas in Cape Town

A selection of very special gifts, with which you can make guaranteed your loved ones on Christmas Eve a joy.

Although it would probably be easier to get back to the standard annual gifts, like socks, ties, CDs and perfumes, there are so much better ideas that giving and receiving gifts-are making a lot more fun. The only challenge is always to find something that is creative and unusual than the usual stuff - and that we have taken you, and once went in search of the best gift ideas in and around Cape Town this problem.

As the Mother City from creative minds and quirky shops are teeming, there are more than enough gifts with which you can amaze family and friends - you just have to find it. So you can immediately without the hassle of looking to get started with the Christmas Shopping: Our survey of original gift ideas for women, men, children, braai fans, cyclists, cheapskate, Big Spender and everyone in between, but now it's really for no more an excuse at the end re-pack the annual socks. Happy shopping!


Decorative solar glasses
This idea sprang from the great minds of the company Consol Glass (one of the leading companies for glass containers) and is not only extremely environmentally friendly, but also very stylish and perfect to spice up a little bit of the garden or the balcony in summer. Thanks to a small solar panel and solar-powered LED lights in the lid of the glasses, the new bulbs suck on as much sunlight during the day, they still glow after dark for up to 6 hours. With the soft, warm glow to produce them and the beautiful bright colors, they provide an almost magical atmosphere and beautify any outdoor event, be it with a glass of wine on the terrace at garden parties, when camping or even in braai friends.
Price: R120 - R200 Available at: Consol Glass Outlet (Stellenbosch); Montebello Craft Shop (Newlands) and Maddox & Meyer's (Gardens). More information is available on the website at Consol Glass .

LED barbecue tongs
This is definitely the best gift for all fans braai: Lighted grill tongs of Butte. So all the grill master can turn up late into the night their steaks and boerewors too. Especially in poorly lit campgrounds very helpful and a brand new must-have for every braai professional. In addition, the Butte-Silver tongs not only facilitate any barbecue, but to see with the bright LED light that can be turned on and off over a small button also really good.
Price: R220 Available at: Cape Union Mart, Outdoor Warehouse, Sportsmans Warehouse; Duesouth

Botanical jewelry
A unique flora studio in Woodstook - - someone with a green thumb or even just with a passion for beautiful, extraordinary things the creations of designer Marissa Pretorius of Opus will love. Inspired by Japanese Kokedama (also known as "bonsai for the poor" is known) has created fabulous, Marissa small gardens that grow from globular earth and moss balls and with the help of a rope can be hung on hook. In addition, this botanical Clunkers fortunately are also easy to clean and therefore represent themselves for newcomers to the plant area a great gift idea.
Price: R170 - R450 (the creations of orchids need to be pre-ordered) Available at: Opus Studio | The Woodstock Foundry | Albert Road | Woodstock | +27 (0) 72 785 6002

Source: www.kapstadtmagazin.de

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