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August 29, 2013 – 00:16

Designed for expectant mothers at the American party

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Americans held in the grounds dazzling party: weddings, birthdays, moving, graduation, festivals, should have a party. These parties all over the world and Taiwan, are also common. Baby Shower )。 But there is a party that originated from the United States, in Europe also started becoming the norm, that is, "Baby Party" (Baby Shower).

Traditional "baby party" mothers to give birth in a few months ago, was held by a close friend planning. Party venue is generally at a friend's home, rather than prospective parents home, while only women can attend. In recent years, I have attended several friends or colleagues "Baby Party", recently participated in a. Andrea 的同意後(我曾在「 耶誕禮物包裝義工記 」 After the consent of the mother Andrea (I have " Christmas gift wrapping volunteers in mind . " Referred to her), to share this party experience.

A month ago at a party, party organizers who received the invitation card, very delicate. Pink handmade cards foreseeable mothers will have a female wanderers. People who want to participate, you must inform the organizers in advance to facilitate statistical numbers. Gift Registry )。 The card also shows that prospective parents have been registered in the two stores gift list (Gift Registry). I like this gift list. Pick from a list as long as gift recipients to ensure satisfaction.

Babies R Us Is the mother of one of selected shops, but also the "Toys R Us" related businesses, specialty baby supplies. Almost every expectant mother gift list will be registered here, so every time I come here to buy.

A door, I went to this aircraft machine report. Just type mothers or fathers name, gift list then print, but also detailed under the counter. I used to while reading the list, while moving along the line to go again, roughly seen gift, and then make a decision.

This is the prospective parents registered gift list service counters. Staff to assist completion of the registration, prospective parents can be held barcode scanner visiting the store. Want to see included in the list of items, as long as the scan bar codes, it will automatically be included in the list, is very convenient. On the right of this bulletin board will post lecture time and safely recycled announcements, as well as free nursery magazine.

Variety of Xiaoyi, small shoes, around twists are so cute!

On the left is a small boy's pajamas, including Superman and Batman's styling; right is Disney's panties, either Nemo fish or a beautiful princess pattern, Everything.


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