When one twin dies in the womb

August 29, 2013 – 00:16

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Lose one of the babies is something that happens often? There is more than one reason for the loss of a baby, since the twin pregnancy may have more complications that the baby only. One of the most common occurrences of loss of a baby is when the twin twin pregnancy ultrasound is detected in very early pregnancy, and following examination of the babies just disappears.

What happens in these cases is that one of the babies to grow and develop. Because of increasingly advanced technology of ultrasound often gives to detect the presence of two bags already at 5 weeks of pregnancy.

Twenty percent of twin pregnancies diagnosed early so end up becoming a single baby pregnancy until the March 12 week.

As the embryo's left will be developing the exchange on which it is wrapped occupies the entire space of the uterus, gestational sac and the other ends up being absorbed by the body of the woman.

The fact that there are large symptoms does not relieve the grief of the parents. It creates a great expectation with the discovery of twin pregnancy, and it is difficult to "change the channel".

When the baby loss occurs during the second or third trimester, doctors may decide to keep the pregnancy of another fetus until it is strong enough to be born. The mother will be monitored carefully to be detected any sign of problems such as an infection.

At the slightest indication that the baby's health is at risk remaining, the doctors decide to give birth. In most cases the child is born healthy, but there is a slightly higher risk of presenting her brain problems.

For some people, the idea that the little baby still inside the belly even without the heart is beating is very disturbing. For others, it is somewhat reassuring, as it prolongs the interaction. It's worth asking for special help to the physician, hospital or hospital psychology staff to schedule delivery, this kind of situation.

For more information, read our article on when the baby dies in the womb.

Many parents ask to know if the baby (in the case of same-sex twins) were identical to each other or not. It's information that can help keep memories of the child who died, and it can also be useful in case of genetic research problems.

There are two sorrows when you lose one twin: the loss of the baby itself, and the loss of a different experience, to have two (or more) babies at the same time.

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