Tips for making Christmas gifts

August 29, 2013 – 00:15

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Christmas Gifts

How to choose?

Eh, nice problem to make Christmas gifts! You want to make beautiful gifts that can surprise others, make them happy, make a good impression ... Spend a little ... And blablabla.

Let's face it, but with the crisis that's out there, there really is the possibility to make gifts of Christmas as a time? Nah.

This year you have to adjust a bit 'and here's a little guide to be able to deal with your Christmas shopping and still make good presents.

1. What is the budget that we can spend?

Answering this question is important because it will determine the rest of the process. Decide what is the amount that you can spend to look after the gifts.

2. To those who make gifts?

Given that this year we can not pemetterci to be good Samaritans with everyone, we need to get a grip and give gifts only to the people you really care, only to those who want to make you happy. Avoid making formal gifts to friends you do not see hardly ever, to cousins ​​that you rarely see, etc ... Make gifts only to those who really hold.

3. How to choose the gifts?

The sum is to be spent, now it is absolutely necessary to divide among the gifts to give people choices. First of all, you do not choose gifts stratospheric unavailable, eccentrics and so on just to make a good impression. A gift is something that is done with the heart, to make other people happy and show her affection. Its main function is to give a smile, not a good impression to you making the gift! Think one by one the people to whom you have chosen to make gifts: reflect on their tastes, their passions and try to give gifts that can match the latter. Even things made ​​by hand can be very appreciated: such as scarves, gloves, hats ... Or even personalized gifts such as mugs, pillows or puzzles with pictures. The gifts that you can do to a person to whom it is held are many, think carefully and choose carefully also based on the money you can afford. Do not go in a hurry, consider all the possibilities! Forget the phrase "I have to take off the thought of the gift"! Making a gift does not have to be a burden, but a gesture of affection, like a hug.

I know that malls and advertisements bombard you with messages and convince you to buy things that apparently have a low price or cheaper, but choose gifts with heart and according to your ability. Overdoing it is useless for you and also for those who receive the gift that perhaps may be in trouble not knowing how to repay you. 'S the thought that counts: for example, also receive a stuffed animal or a hairband would make me happy. It 'sa thought made ​​his heart! There is a difference between a thought that why you feel the weight of a gift and then buy something affordable level and conomico and something small, but it matches the personality of the person to whom the gift is intended.


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