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August 29, 2013 – 00:16
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Official name: IMVU Coupon

This site is published personally.
It has been online for 3 years (2010).
Website: Your French source on IMVU

Simulation games online:

We offer information on the 3D game, IMVU!

-Discount Coupons
-Tips (eg how to become VIP?)
Free-credits (example: sites offer!)
-Advice (My advice creators)
-Support for assistance (eg How to use cheat codes?)
-Tutorials (How to become a designer?)
And much, much more! I shod be happy to answer all your questions.
We will increase the number of articles and tutorials almost every day! You can also subscribe to our RSS Feed blog to follow the news in French IMVU.

IMVU Coupon is easy to use. You can access all our tips by clicking on a link dns menu. You can switch from French to Arabic (for example) in one click (site translated by Google in 21 different languages). We give you tips on clothing, designer.
We also answer all your questions as soon as possible. A contact form is also available to inetrnautes for partnership requests, questions .... and many other things!

IMVU Coupon is a site that offers monthly discount coupons for purchases on http: / /
We also offer tips, tutorials, a forum is also available to those in need. We also translate the new IMVU that everyone can understand what is new. Free credits, gifts, cheat codes, coupons, tips, tutorials, help support, all on IMVU Coupon!

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