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August 29, 2013 – 00:17


This fall and winter fashion trends among the dark red lip is one time when mainstream focus. Just this past London Fashion Week being, Max Factor's global chief makeup artist Pat McGrath, it was designed a model focused charm lip makeup:
Compared to bright red, dark red full of mysteries seem easier handle, Pat was on the lips of the models, while not forgetting painted lip gloss, make lips add mouthwatering sexy. The coated with lip gloss steps, in addition to make your lips more three-dimensional contours, but also can make to soften lip lines.

Three-dimensional shape with a lip gloss makeup while softening lip.

Bushy eyebrows shaped is also the focus of this season make up trend, this time accompanied by light purple lip eyebrow, shaping a sense of harmony.

In this look into, Pat will spend a light-colored and rough outline of the eyebrow, lip color to create a balance with exaggerated beauty. As the focal point on the lip, eye makeup and rouge while pale, it does not seem exaggerated. Pat with a slightly raised the thick eyeliner, eye-shaped contour shape. However, if the skin is not white, not suitable of this makeup.

Eyelash makeup spend False Lash Effect Mascara, instead of using heavy color eye shadow eye contour shape.

In addition to color harmony of the match, the flowing dark eyelashes, makeup is also a decisive point. Pat McGrath using False Lash Effect Mascara. Brands Alice mascara thick and curly effect, coupled with easy off and easy to dismount, and I also love to use it as one!

Just launched Vibrant Curve Effect Lip Gloss Lip Gloss Addict curve ($ 68) in the season launch 12 limited edition shades, among the designated color on sale exclusively at Ocean Terminal Faces.

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