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August 29, 2013 – 00:15
Serenity in the Garden: Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Gardening Pals #

! Mother, only one! ... This answered the daughter to her mother when she asked him to bring two potatoes from refrigerator. Since then both decided to start a home garden to never lack one potato, a pepper or onion.

And although not all mothers like agriculture, most people like to have their kitchens well equipped with their favorite vegetables and herbs. Furthermore, with so many advances and new inventions, enjoy gardening and grow houses has never been easier.

So for all those people who are looking for gifts for those mothers planters, here I have prepared a list of items and gifts unusual but stylish. So when their mothers need two potatoes, three eggplants or four roses to decorate the table, are always at hand.

1) Gardening Gloves

Almost every woman likes to protect their hands with creams and lotions. So when it comes to working in the garden is normal that most prefer to use gloves. On the other hand we must be clear that no gloves and no gloves, they do not have to look like factory worker to be fully useful.

Some gloves have much more style than others and today the variety available is extensive. Find out the favorite colors of the person to whom the want to give. There are many floral patterns and even with modern geometric shapes. You can get a variety for all styles, from conservative to modern.

2) "Kit" to grow micro-herbs

The micro-herbs are very popular in gourmet restaurants worldwide. These small herbs are just a dwarf version of the best known herbs, and the best is that they are very easy to grow in our house.

These "kits" come complete with seeds, planter or pot, food and instructions. All you have to do is follow the steps and place the planter near a window in your own kitchen.

Fresh herbs, impossible. The most common herbs to micro crops are basil, cilantro, mustard, radishes, leaf lettuce and celery. You can get these "kits" easily through the Internet or at your nearest nursery.

3) House or bird feeder

It would be very cruel to put a nightingale in a cage for a gift, but with a bird feeder or a small house to nest any yard can attract a wide variety of beautiful birds .

If you decide to give a trough remember to include food for birds, you can make a small basket that includes everything you need, including a book with typical birds live in the country where the person to whom you give away.

Feeders also considers the buzzers. These stunning birds are a sight and tend to be loyal to the places they visit. In case you do not know what color to choose feeder is good to know that these birds are fascinated by the color red.

4) Watering

Anyone with plants inside or outside the home need a shower. And there's nothing more motivating to water the plants so in style. The showers come in all sizes and colors, it is important that you choose one that does not become too heavy when filled with water. Make sure it is lightweight and has an ergonomic grip or handle.

Source: jardin.about.com

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