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August 29, 2013 – 00:15
Preparing for Christmas 2013 - The Productive Mom

with network ideas into 2013

It (pre-) Christmas is on the streets. The New Year is not far away and 2012 is almost behind us. Many new projects were initiated and completed other. Network also continued to develop ideas and would like to contribute to changes. With a donation we would like to promote the children's home makers , the plans just exciting projects. One of these is the water-sand-box game. Children can splash around to their hearts content in the water and building sand castles. Sensory experience for the body and the recognition of one's own creativity and adventurous spirit are the educational goals behind it. The nice thing is that the projects are open to all. Because explicitly invites the children's home and families in the area to play and relax.

Should also play and feel the dogs in the neighborhood of the first animal protection association eV and around Leipzig is why we are also committed to an extension in which cats and other four-legged friends are to be accommodated. Pug with Linux as a part-time office dog and lots of cat fans on the team that was quickly a done deal.

Joy and exuberance should be indulged in all of us. Therefore, we support those who need special help and wish all our customers, partners, suppliers, friends, relatives and families this year a very special Happy, happy and peaceful Christmas.

Original recipe from 1905

A classic under the Christmas tree - the gingerbread.

Just in time for Christmas we beschehren you with an original recipe dating back to 1905 from the "Great Illustrated Cookbook" by Mathilde Erhardt .

Boil 500g honey, skim and as soon as he got a bit thick, pour into a bowl. Now added to:

  • 500g finely sifted sugar,
  • 100g oblong cut lemon peel,
  • Gestiftelte 100g, unpeeled sweet almonds,
  • 20g pounded cinnamon,
  • 10g bumped cloves,
  • something orange or rose water,
  • 500g flour and warmed in the oven and
  • 40g triggered potash,
  • together with a pinch of pounded white pepper

This can be efficiently processed with their hands to make a smooth firm dough which is allowed to stand overnight or at least a 1/2 day in a warm place quiet.

Then roll the dough on a floured finger thick sills from any cuts cake from them and bake in moderately hot oven the same at all. When the cakes are light brown baked, it is pulled from the oven, covering them with frosting.

This recipe gave us Mike Michael, passionate chef, are available. Many delicious recipes you can find on his cooking blog .

A perfect Christmas recipe for every sweet tooth and hangover. We wish now Good luck!

-Coaching Christmas Coaching

Coaching tips for Christmas Sustainable marketing consultancy is always in season. And just in time for Christmas, we present our year-end coaching tips for new entrepreneurs.


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