Operation Condor: Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo son of Chilean rescue

August 29, 2013 – 00:17
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In 1975, when Frida was already pregnant with Pablo Ángel and she decided to return to the Argentine capital because they were told they were watched by the repressive forces already operating in Argentina before the military coup. Pablo was born on 29 October 1975 and in April 1976 he was kidnapped with their parents in an operative linked to Operation Condor, political-military alliance between the dictatorial regimes in South America

In a press conference at the headquarters of the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo, the paternal aunts of Pablo, who live in southern Chile, participated by video conference and could follow the announcement, very emotional, the identification of the young kidnapped when he was six months. Pablo's parents remain missing and grandparents, who had contact with the Argentinean organization, has died. It was necessary to exhume the bodies to ensure the authenticity of the DNA test.

Appropriator arrested

According to the statement released by Grandparents, appropriators Pablo, who lives in the city of Buenos Aires, had "close ties to the civilian-military regime." Pablo The couple registered himself as the son born January 7, 1976. The man who created it are arrested for crimes against humanity committed during the Argentine dictatorship. The woman who registered as the son Pablo is free.

Were present at the headquarters of the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo representatives BNDG (National Bank of Genetic Data), the Secretariat of Human Rights, the Conadi (National Commission for the Right to Identity), and militants of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo - Line Founder and HIJOS (Children for Identity and Justice against Oblivion and Silence). Recovered by many grandchildren Grandparents also accompanied the act.

The organization's president, Estela de Carlotto, said the announcement "is not just an act of joy, excitement, but the consolidation of democracy. We demonstrate here that the people, who are we, and the government, which was elected by the people, we are doing good things together. "

Estela also recalled that "there were deaths, disappearances, thefts babies, torture, exile and the families and survivors stand and fight. This is what we can not forgive. Who says that today we live in a dictatorship ever going to understand what is a dictatorship. "He concluded by stating that the struggle of the Grandmothers" is not an act of revenge, is an act of love, repair. And if the State participates, why do not we recognize? Yet you say we are pro-government. "

The grandson recovered Horacio Pietragalla Corti expressed "solidarity with all the family in Latin America that unfortunately can not carry forward the process of memory, truth and reparation as we do in Argentina." He also encouraged governments in the region to reflect on the importance of advance in clarifying and judgments of the crimes committed by the state during the dictatorships in Latin America.

At the end of the advertisement, gifts remembered the missing shouts of "30, 000 detained-disappeared comrades present, now and forever" and sang the song that marks the marches of March 24, the date of the coup in Argentina, where reaffirm struggle for justice. Journalist and activists sang "as happened with the Nazis, will happen to you: where are we'll get them."

Source: www.vermelho.org.br

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