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August 29, 2013 – 00:15

The whole world turned their eyes to the real arrival of baby son of Kate Middleton and Prince William,who was born on this Monday,July 22,in London.The baby's arrival marks a real moment for Britain and the world,since he will be the successor to the English throne.If you were to present the real baby,what would buy?At that time the whole world is eyeing articles involving newly mothers and newborns the blog will talk Airū give some important tips for you,as well as Kate and Prince Willim,will also receive a "real baby "in your family.

The new arrival is the beginning of a new cycle,new life is arriving and will need all the warmth of the people who are close by.So if you'll get a baby to raise a family,find a few items that can serve as great tips for gifts for that special moment:

  • The first step is to know which station the baby will be born.It is true that when the child is newborn,it needs to be always warm because they feel quite cold,but some things become unnecessary according to the season,since the clothes stop serving very fast in babies.
  • Most parents buy a big quantity of clothes for the baby's arrival,so think of gifting clothes to larger sizes,to prevent being disperdiçadas or little used by the child.
  • Some items are essential in baby's trousseau,they are widely used during the first months of life. Gifting bodys with long sleeve or short overalls,trousers with or without little feet are always a great choice.Besides useful and versatile,today there are very nice models for babies.
  • Socks and shoes are always welcome.Besides beautiful,they are useful for the baby.But do not forget that the shoes also end up being destroyed very quickly,so check with the baby's parents the most suitable size at the time of gifting.
  • Avoid gifting with blankets,sheets and towels.Although they are super useful for babies do not need such a large variety of products and many end up getting stored in the closet.

Like the tips?Then check out some options and creative products for children that can be found in Airū to present and future ones babies:

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And then,like a lot of fun options for you to gift a baby will arrive?So be sure to access the Airu and check out the myriad of baby products that can be found on the website!


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