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August 29, 2013 – 00:15

541734_3408644848922_1053987011_3254390_1722452404_n This year is not only the baby's first participation Tigers Easter egg hunt activities, but also the first Tiger Mom ~ venue is borrowed from one of her mother in Chicago, the city backyard - the essence of this location, so one can have their own private urban oasis, is really very praise!525965_3408640608816_1053987011_3254379_645694069_n

We are not a Christian, never celebrated Easter egg hunt and even the origin of this is not very clear.528887_3408643048877_1053987011_3254386_93849095_n

Internet search a bit Easter origin ~

Easter is the oldest and one of the most significant Christian festival. It celebrates the resurrection of Christ, Christians around the world celebrate every year.545640_3408645288933_1053987011_3254391_1628434956_n Easter is also a symbol of rebirth and hope. Time is the first full moon after the spring equinox on Sunday.

Typical Easter gifts has a relationship with the spring and regeneration: eggs, chicks, bunnies, flowers, especially lily is a symbol of the season. Easter Eve, the children of friends and family to the egg coloring dressed. These eggs cook very old, some just empty eggshell. Easter morning, the children will find the bed of the Easter basket filled with chocolate eggs, Easter bunnies, chicks and plush dolls toys. It is said that the Easter Bunny will be indoors or eggs hidden in the grass to get the kids to find.

其實四旬節守齋是禁止吃蛋類的。 In Europe, because of Lent (40 days before Easter) for the sake of fasting, before meals every Easter, are the first to be ordained; fact Lent fasting is forbidden to eat eggs. To the twelfth century, began to have eggs ordained; therefore at Easter, Catholics will egg painted red, please ordained priest, he is used as a gift for a friend, which is why every now Easter send eggs originated.

The event was prepared by each respective twelve eggs mother, which can put snacks or small toys!

Scattered on the ground so that their babies are carrying a basket egg hunt ~

One mother provided Bubble Machine ~

Jumbo Garden GYMBOREE buy parachute ~ here on almost all babies had GYMBOREE ~ but everyone insisted a few months can not stand the one hand, the children's nap time often do not fit with school hours, on the one hand is the course content did not What changed for a long time it is a bit boring ~ Furthermore, is now almost every day to do their own circle of PLAYDATE, it did not seem so want to go to class - but Wiggleworm music lessons and Little Kicker football lesson was quite worthwhile to continue continues to drop ~

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