The best baby shower gifts

August 29, 2013 – 00:15

Written for BabyCenter Brazil

The baby shower serves, above all, to celebrate the arrival of a new life to a family. But it is nevertheless also an opportunity to lend a helping hand to expectant parents with those indispensable items in day-to-day with the baby . The idea of ​​a gift for baby shower is just work individually with little things to save parents time and many outputs. It can also be a help group, adding several people to buy a gift bigger and more expensive.

Some points to consider in the present time:

• This will be the couple's first child? If yes, think about present them with something more practical.

• You know it will be a boy or girl? When sex is already determined, the selection is more specific.

• Parents did list present in a store? Ask who is offering the baby shower. If list is always guaranteed that your gift will be useful.

• Try to buy a gift that can be exchanged for another piece, size or different color.

• If you are purchasing an outfit, keep in mind that babies grow very fast, so do not take anything smaller than size P (or three months). Parents will be happy to have larger items to save for later on. Just be sure to assess the mood of the time of year when the baby finally get the size of the clothes you gave.

• When buying toys, always look for the seal INMETRO or some governing body (if the toy is imported) ensuring the quality of parts and paint (must be non-toxic), and contain a recommendation on age.

Looking for inspiration? Check out the gifts of our readers preferred BabyCenter.

Just for Mom

- Magazines and books with adult themes to that sacred horinha the baby falls asleep and you can get some alone time.

- Nursing bra and breast pads.

- Cushion for breastfeeding.

- Hot water bottle for microwave (used to put in at the time of breast feeding, relieves pain and helps desempedrar milk).

- Books and DVDs on how to help the baby sleep better or calm him in the hours of crying.

- A box of chocolates, truffles, brigadiers or some candy for her to eat even in pregnancy without the fear that goes to colic baby.

Items for Baby

- Seat / baby-swinging comfort that vibrates to soothe baby.

- Kit with everything for the time to eat: small plates, cutlery, bibs, cups, doilies and chair of mouth.

- Hygiene and beauty kit with scissors for cutting nails, brush your hair, antiassaduras cream, baby wipes, perfume.

- Biting mouth that go in the freezer.

- Exchanger waterproof bags.

- CDs with soothing music for bedtime.

- Children's books with many pictures and illustrations.

- Thermometer to measure the temperature of the forehead.

- Diapers of all sizes.

- Thermal bag for bottles.

- Stroller.

- Camping cots, which serves both as a cradle how to play playpen.

Special Gifts

- Clothes, hats, towels and sheets with baby's name embroidered.

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