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August 29, 2013 – 00:15

Types of Gift Baskets

The Christmas baskets are a great choice for Christmas gift. Traditionally given away in companies as a bonus and it's vital to know the kinds of baskets that are on the market to choose the best gift.

For example, the basic Christmas basket , as its name suggests, contains only some deli products like the bottle of wine, champagne, whiskey, truffles, candies and other products. There is another kind of basket that is ideal for clubs and fundraising raffles. The gourmet Christmas baskets have a wide range of these products, as a good palette ham, whiskey, wine, cava, chorizo ​​and other delicacies.

The gourmet Christmas shopping and Christmas basket deli are not the same, the main difference lies in the products containing, for example Christmas basket deli has a foie gras and duck one gourmet basket does not contain, but both are a great gift choice for example for the boss.

There are other Christmas gift baskets, Christmas basket as premium or gourmet Christmas basket deli supreme, which are large with many delicious quality products.

Source: www.cestic.es

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