Ideas for a pirate themed party for a 9 year old

August 29, 2013 – 00:15
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The birthday parties pirate theme are difficult to organize, and can be fun for the adventurous of 9 years old.

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Almost any child of nine years old, and even some girls, will enjoy the adventure and excitement of entering the pirate lifestyle in a birthday party. A pirate birthday party for a child of nine years old gives the perfect opportunity to explore the more adventurous of young children, and opens the door for a variety of games and themes that can turn a birthday party into an adventure at sea.

Pirates for Birthday Invitations

Make creative party invitations shaped treasure hunt map. They are easy to make, and you can give a sense of authentic pirate party from the beginning. Use brown paper bags and cut them so they are uneven, hand-drawn directions to the party in the bag, along with the invitation, the time and date.

Decorations pirates

Buy gold coins toy and small cardboard boxes filled with them. Use markers to color them as treasure chests and place them around the room. In addition to a pirate decorated cake, make cardboard swords, and have hand eye patches of the guests.

Treasure hunt on birthday

Hides birthday and the birthday boy to play treasure hunt. A map (made from the same brown paper bags) can be used as a guide to know where they are hidden gifts. The map can also contain written tracks such as "This gift is really cool" for a gift hidden near the refrigerator.

Pirates Games

Send a list of words together with the invitations pirates. Every child who uses the authentic pirate language, give a prize. Another game, "Capture the Flag", you can play with a flag of skull and crossbones and cardboard swords. Buy a pinata pirate ship, or play "Pin the Tail" on the treasure map, and the child that is closer to the X that marks the spot wins a prize. Other games include water balloon fights as "cannon balls" and "Walk the Plank", where children cross over an area of ​​two by four on an area designated as "ocean". The child who comes most often in a specified time period wins a prize.


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