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August 29, 2013 – 00:15

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To make it here already anticipated: Christmas is in the category of Islamic festivities no place. Ever Islam knows only two festivals: the Festival of Sacrifice, which takes place in the context of the pilgrimage and the End of Ramadan, which is celebrated at the end of the month of Ramadan. Throughout history, however, other parties have crept. For example, the birthday of Muhammad is celebrated since Fatimidenkalifat (899-1171) in many areas. The birth of the Prophet, the Qur'an expresses not a single verse

The situation is different in the Qur'an with the birth of Jesus. This story, which is currently often referred particularly of Christian friends of Christian-Muslim dialogue as a Christmas story, is in the 19th Sure "Mary" described in detail in verses 16-36.

At the beginning of this section is one of Mary's encounter with the Archangel Gabriel's speech, which brought her a fair son. Mary's question, as she should have a son as a virgin because, says the angel, that it was easy to do for God. Your son should be made a sign to the people.

She then takes him to a remote place under a date palm to the world. The child is already powerful in the cradle of talking and defending his mother's honor before the astonished people by telling them that he is a servant and messenger of God.

In general, the Qur'an Jesus measures in a significant role. It is spread over 93 verses mentioned by name in suras 15 and next to his miraculous birth including his gifts, such as healing the sick and raising of the dead to life are portrayed.

But we return to the initial question. Christmas is no holiday in Islam itself. But how do Muslims deal with Christmas and its many symbols?

The Christmas tree, the lights, the gifts and Santa Claus distributing the Jingle Bells tune the Islamic world are well known. But this Christmas features more Muslims join the celebrations of the financial statements as the birth of Jesus to the three days of Christmas. So spread the "Muslim" Coca-Cola Santa Claus with his presents to children on New Years Eve and not on Christmas.

Participation in Christmas expressed in the Islamic world especially so from that on Christmas Eve worship from various churches will be broadcast live in numerous TV channels. Particularly popular here is the night fair in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, the last year as I was able to observe himself, was sent in parallel to multiple channels. Furthermore broadcast various contributions to the birth of Jesus and the Christian life and congratulates compatriots to their party. High Muslim dignitaries, such as in Lebanon, Egypt and Palestine have in recent years visited these services and therefore used the occasion for a message of peace to their nations.


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