Prince William: baby gift for Kate

August 29, 2013 – 00:16

Prinz William © Cover Media Prince William is to search for the jewelry collection of his late mother, Princess Diana, after a suitable piece for Duchess Catherine

Prince William , 30, looking for a suitable gift for Duchess Catherine , 31

The grandson of Queen Elizabeth II and his wife expecting their first child in July and the nobleman wants to give his wife on the birth of something very special. But he looks at the jewelry allegedly, he has inherited from Princess Diana († 36): "William was looking at the jewels of his late mother after something suitable, he can give Kate as a memento of the birth of their babies, " chattered a insiders against the British magazine "Grazia". Commonly such a gift is often referred to somewhat derisively as a "push present" or "push gift".
Prince William also confided to his marriage proposal on the jewelry of his mother and gave his girlfriend the engagement ring of Princess Diana.

Meanwhile, prepare his parents, Caroline and Mike Middleton, her house for the arrival of her grandson before and should now be "blown away". Her son helped them to decorate the nursery, because Duchess Catherine will live after the birth of her child some time with her parents, because her house at Kensington Palace is not yet ready for the young family. Prince William will also take after the arrival of his young parents time to devote himself entirely to his loved ones can.

His sister Pippa Middleton , meanwhile, is planning the baby shower for her sister. "Pippa is looking forward to the party and Kate too. There will be a small celebration at home with a handful of friends and family members." Pippa takes advantage of all their experience in planning parties, so Kate gets the best: "She asked William about to help her with the 'Baby Mastermind' questions and answers they prepared Kate is asked in this game what. they will do in different situations baby. It will be very relaxed, but also very funny. "

Duchess Catherine did not have the best start in their pregnancy - they suffered from severe morning sickness. Since then she's better, yoga makes for expectant mothers to stay fit and relax. The exercises will also help with the birth, so that the wife of Prince William can bring their muscles at the presses. Since it fits so when the expectant father is just looking ahead to a "push present" hard.


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