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August 29, 2013 – 00:15

The networking is always present in the lives of women entrepreneurs, but not the same kind of networking that traditional business circles know.

In some conversations I've had about entrepreneurship a common topic is the difficulty of finding women entrepreneurs. A constant complaint from recruiters is that we do not participate in events and do networking, which makes it almost impossible to know us.

According to a study by the Business Insider, women receive only 4.2% of Venture Capital funds. Another survey, conducted by Endeavor with UNCTAD, reinforces that women are less involved in associations and associations than men.

These data reflect a little reality of our executive routine.

The data do not show, is that networking is always present in the lives of women who undertake, but not the same networking that business circles are accustomed.

Our network is full of school teachers of children, mothers of the friends of our children, pediatricians and even babysitters neighborhood.

A woman entrepreneur is often older than the enterprising man. For she waited born children, they grow up a bit and then yes plunged in his career. But that brings together a load that may be difficult to understand for men in general, and virtually impossible for young startups and accelerators.

Think in a day fairly common in the entrepreneurial life:

After wearing something over his pajamas, hearing his name and surname 50 times - "Manhe where are my shoes?", "Manhe, I can not put my hair", "love, what time is ballet today?", Can be leave for school.

Back home after that is a gift. Have time to shower and get dressed quietly, makes the day certainly get a lot better, sorry that this is not always possible.

Already on the way to work, call a fellow mother and asks: Have you ever bought clothes for the party June in school? Then the entrepreneur pulls down deep memory that this party would be, can not remember, but then to know that he had a special outfit ... She phones to school to ask what clothes you need to buy is this. Find out at the last minute you will not have time to pursue it and, thanks to its networking with their mothers, who are now also her friends, sisters, drivers and everything she needs, solves the problem of clothing when they were asking for pros buy their children, bought their pros too.

Whew! Finally the day begins, not before the official home forcefully remind her that just soap powder and that this was not going to give way to wash your clothes today. The entrepreneur, who never has a penny in wallet, takes the employee to the ATM around the corner to get some money so she can go to the market. Of course these hours will not be R $ 5.89 only soap (yes, we know the price of washing powder), now she will buy more "few things" that are also missing. But that would other text.

Now yes! Three, four hours without interruption! All problems from customers, payments, employees are fully soluble.


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