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Gourmet Christmas Gift Baskets

CHRISTMAS is almost here, missing a few days for us to get that rush of choosing and buying gifts for everyone, tackle crowded stores, lack of options the worst of all is that we are often unsure what to give to certain people, because nothing seems to be adequate.

, das super caprichosas e detalhistas MARCIA TANCREDO e sua filha JULIA GRANDI e vou resolver grande parte da minha lista ( que é enoooooome !!!! ) com elas! But this year I discovered the InBasket , the super fancy and detail MARCIA TANCREDO and her daughter JULIA GRANDI and will solve most of my list (which is enoooooome!!) with them!
Nothing can be more practical than this time do your shopping from the comfort of your home with a simple phone call or through the site, and be sure that everything will get perfect and very well presented!

I had already shown HERE super custom work they do creating baskets for all occasions and now they made ​​special designs for Christmas, with options of styles and prices to suit all tastes, from that memory for people who just want to show our affection and friendship to those more special every year and presented him do not know what else to give different!

For this Christmas the InBasket launched Linha Luxo, Linha Metálica , Linha Tradicional e Linha Champagne e Espumantes . four lines: Line Luxury Line Metallic, Traditional Line and Line Champagne and Sparkling.

The Luxury Line is presented in sophisticated cases that may come in six different versions with various options of imported products, brands such as Taittinger, Moet & Chandon, Fauchon, Leonardi, Savitar, Michel Cluizel.

Line Metallic in elegant rectangular cans, offers 10 gourmet options. The kit can come with products such as olive oil, pasta and risotto Italian wines, champagne and sparkling wines, as well as nuts and chocolates.

The Traditional Line, in wicker baskets, consists of a greater diversity

products, all imported. These baskets for applications above 10 units can be customized with greater or lesser variety of items.

A Line Champagne, simple and elegant, presented in metal cans containing champagne or sparkling round and is an ideal gift for friends and employees.

As you can see, it is hard not to find what you're looking for! I've ordered many things from them and I can guarantee: Everything is first and super neat!

And detail: They send for any BRAZIL!

Applications are made ​​through the site - TELS: 21-25514802 and 21-96095763

See some options that I selected to show you!



Source: www.andrearudge.com.br

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