Are expensive gifts trend for Melbourne teacher?

August 29, 2013 – 00:15

Christmas Gifts-time. Uncommon in Germany,but more often in Australia: gifts for the teachers in the schoolChristmas is approaching at lightning speed,the summer holidays also. Most school children are already in the "End of the Year" mode.The testing is completed,scores are fixed,most certificates are written.Sweet "laissez faire" is popular with the kids,headache in the parents: Going for gifts!

Gifts for teachers mind What was not common years ago in Australia,is apparently becoming increasingly fashionable.Often it's the parents' representatives who ask in a circular mail for a Obulos, for a gift that they buy in the name of the class for the class teacher.Rich,this Obulos of a "gold coin donation" to - and that is becoming more common - 25 dollars ...

$ 140 for a designer salad bowl

Christmas party atmosphere in the classroom: "Jingle Bells,Jingle Bells" drowned it out of the CD player.Up to $ 25 are required for <strong><a href=Christmas gifts for teachers in Australia" width="200" height="129"> Boys and girls with Reindeer Antlers and Santa Claus hat on his head bobbing in rhythm,chocolate cookies and popcorn in hand.Sally sits on the desk,her teacher,takes gift after gift and contrary winds from: bath salts,Lindt chocolate,candle holders,best-Teacher-of-the-world-cup,sleep mask,Christmas Ornament ..."And even though we had given her all together as a class,a designer salad bowl,donated ten U.S. dollars for each of the 28 parents. I was speechless when I saw it, " Andrea recalls from Melbourne's western suburbs.

"Matched has me really. Firstly,that I should ever pay money for a Christmas gift for a teacher. Secondly,it was much and thirdly,that the parent representative has addressed me in front of all other parents out.Since I could not say no even that would have been too embarrassing me,"continued the native from Stuttgart and adds." We actually had been a few months previously spent five dollars for a birthday gift.That's what I liked to do,because Sally is a very good teacher.To give homemade teachers is probably German But then the same procedure for Christmas.And then everyone will still have a private gift to?This is simply too much to me. "

Before the year-end picnic,the annual accounts of donation

As Andrea it's currently in the pre-Christmas period many a German mother,many a German father in Melbourne.Before the big year-end picnic coming up,is called quickly to a donation,so a gift for the teacher or the teacher can be bought.If you're lucky,the freely available,how much it may be.Another is required,how much will be required "must" to get a certain amount together.


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