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August 29, 2013 – 00:17
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Landmarks in San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge

The main regional symbol connects San Francisco and Marin Country in path of about 3 km. Open to traffic in 1937, became the longest bridge in the world, but was overtaken by more recent constructions. To photograph her ​​tip is to go to the hills of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area Baker Beach or the beach.

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The quadrangle of streets dominated by the 19th century Chinese this is one of the most visited spots. Restaurants, shops and events connected to the tradition of the Asian country are always disputed.

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Cable Car

The most traditional tour of San Francisco is certainly the main slopes go aboard traditional streetcars. Along the way you can meet some neighborhoods, see the ocean, the bay, Alcatraz Island, and of course, feel the inclination airway.

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San Francisco is a much sought destination for shopping. Countless make up the arsenal commercial city, ranging from grand palaces to small stores, selling products from major brands, fine gifts, stationery, productions by local artists, furniture and decorative items, clothes, shoes, and more. The region is the most popular Union Square, easily accessible by public transport, which concentrates a number of hotels, art galleries, shopping malls, department stores, bars and services.

ADDRESS: Union Square Park |

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Napa Valley

California has one of the leading and most traditional wine-growing regions of the world: Napa Valley, an area endowed with vineyards, wineries, spas, restaurants, hotels and shops. Distant about 80 miles from San Francisco, this is considered a romantic destination, whose main audience is couples. The triad of climate, geography and geology are key factors to a better quality of grapes grown and wine produced on site, which had its first commercial vineyard established for over 150 years.

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Empress of China

Chicken with almonds, pork, pressed duck and lobster are available to customers that this is considered one of the nicest Chinese restaurants in the United States.

ADDRESS: 838 Grant Avenue | Phone: (415) 434-1345 |

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