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August 29, 2013 – 00:17

The 10 best Christmas gifts under € 10 and up who are still too pretty and practical?- The Top10 Berlin editors have found it!Here,the gift ideas are especially suitable for those who have little or coal only "something small" and want to give something typical Berlin looking for,just because they live in Berlin,because sometimes you want to live or otherwise the capital are great.Incidentally,you can buy almost all gifts not only in Berlin stores,but also order them online.


Gift Idea # 1: "I am a Berliner book"

A special book for all creative Berliners and visitors is the "I am a Berliner book". Because here there are no stories in it,but tasks that you should do with the book,if you wear it around town. Thus,about proposed to lead a tally of how many road bikes,dog poo or early Stücker after 14 clock you see.Or at a comic drawing of the prototypical hipster can you add paint thick glasses. A real 'hands-city-find-Broken Mach book ".
Costs: 9, 95 €
Buy in Berlin: Can be made ​​in any neighborhood bookstore purchase or order,if it is not available
Order online:

Gift Idea 2: Berlin districts as a special cookie-cutter

Cheesy cookie cutter in the shape of the television tower or the Brandenburg Gate is known already to suffice. True localism shows one hand with the "baking your own world" - cutters Berlin-based designer Victoria storm. For here there is not only the outline of Berlin,but also of all administrative districts as biscuit form! Whether Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain,Mitte and Lichtenberg,here's more. This will homemade Christmas cookies this year a hit! And who can not separate from the beautiful cookie shapes may also just give the pastry.
Cost: 3, 90 euro for the districts,4.50 euros for the Berlin outline,we will give you 2x the complete set (see picture) with all districts in the value of 29, 90 €
Buy in Berlin: Polli everywhere / / tumult Berlin / / Gorgeous Men gifts / / Süßkramdealer / / The Wild Swans / / Dussmann / / ausberlin
Order online:


Gift Idea 3: Lobkärtchen

While not directly a reference to Berlin,but at Christmas simply essential: Nice word for celebration of love! A set of 100 Lobkärtchen (in various versions such as optional for men,women or children) is the perfect gift to brighten the mood under the Christmas tree. To complain instead about the Christmas roast,could this time pull out the card "Delicious, " the Blockflötenkonzert the child is "Gee" acknowledged the praise and unpack the hand-knitted Norwegian sweaters from Aunt Erna escapes a an "Old Swede". With so many nice things coming this time does not guarantee a family dispute on!
Cost: 10.00 EUR
Buy in Berlin: Dussmann / / super marché / / schoener.waers.wenns.schoener.waer / / inventor Shop Berlin / / Green Living / / sis
Order online:


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