What to know for a trip to Canada: Helpful Tips

August 29, 2013 – 00:16

A trip to Canada is the trip in a fantastic land with the culture of hospitality and magnificent places to see,whether it's the must-see natural beauty,whether it be pleasant metropolis still on a human scale.In any case,it is still a journey across the ocean and like all long journeys to different countries and cultures is good to take all necessary steps to leave without any particular thought,ready to enjoy every moment.That's why you have to consider many things before the trip and describe below a series of useful tips.

First of all,do not forget personal documents,a passport valid for the entire duration of the trip,the return ticket if you have already done and all the money you need to stay.The entry visa,however,is required only for periods when you stay in Canada for more than six months.

For payments, all major credit cards are welcome (Visa,Mastercard,American Express) and,indeed,many times the preferred means of payment except in small shops. The Canadian currency is the Canadian dollar, the locals call it "Loonie" the dollar coin and "Toonie" the two-dollar coin.Euros and U.S. dollars are accepted in some places,but for normal expenditure is advisable to have Canadian dollars. To change your money at the most convenient location is the bank that offers the best conditions of the exchange rate,while you pay at the hotel a small surcharge in more.You can also decide to withdraw Canadian dollars directly from your checking account using one of the many ATMs available.

For imports of products in Canada must deal with the local customs.The maximum permissible acceptable amount of personal effects provided that the personal use is clear and that the object itself is used. For items of special value, however,may issue a temporary permit or require a deposit to secure the re-export. The Firearms and ammunition are allowed with a special permit stating that this type of use (see in this regard the site of the Canada Revenue Agency). Pets (dogs and cats) in order to be approved for the country must have an accompanying certificate with signature of the veterinarian attesting to the performance of the rabies vaccine for puppies less than three months to live just a clean bill of health.Keep in mind that pit bulls are not allowed in the state of Ontario. Gifts exported are not subject to tax if the value of each gift is not more than 60 Canadian dollars,so it is always advisable to keep your receipts of purchase.Finally,visitors can bring older in Canada up to 200 cigarettes,200 grams of tobacco or 50 cigars,one bottle of whiskey and a maximum of one and a half liters of wine,in the case of larger quantities,it becomes a real risk of forfeiture.

With regard to medical benefits, unfortunately there are no special agreements between Italy and Canada and the cost for any admissions can also wander among the thousand and two thousand U.S. dollars daily,so it is really essential to take out health insurance before you travel that cover the entire period of stay abroad and the costs of eventual repatriation.

Source: www.canadaonline.it

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