Wholesale Wedding Gift, Communions, Baptisms.

August 29, 2013 – 00:15
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Wholesale Wedding Gift, Communions, Christenings To belong to our professional profile should only follow a few simple steps:

1. - Register on our website, click on the top right of the screen in the option enabled. When prompted, dial the "Company" and enter the name of your company and CIF. If you are registered, you can login with your username and password and fill in fields in your profile, or call us to make this change for you.

Two. - To view professional rates when logging, you must send an email to profesionales@novodistribuciones.com indicating the mail with which you have registered and a scanned copy of Form 036 or 037, which is displayed professional activity that is your business. You can also send this documentation to our fax number 956 54 70 44.

If your activity is subject to equivalence surcharge shall notify through this e-mail and include a Statement showing your data and your company indicating that it is subject to VAT and it is recommended that further includes a certificate of Hacienda where said fastening manifest.

Within a maximum of 48 hours you will receive email confirmation message indicating that you can log in and see the products we currently have in the profile of professionals. If you have any questions or urgent, you can call our customer service telephone to contact the Department of Professional and fulfill your request. Delivery times, Shipping costs and methods are the same as those available to individuals and can have your order within 1 working day minimum. There is generally no minimum purchase, and can acquire the products you want as samples for your business. You can also enjoy the free card promotion and free shipping from 90 euros of purchase (this amount does not count the RE).

Do not wait to start selling our products!.


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