Christmas gifts to a million dollars for children spoiled with the Milhous Collection

August 29, 2013 – 00:16

The photos of the gifts millionaires Milhous Collection

There is no recession that takes in the luxury sector and also in a particularly delicate catalogs that there are few in the world can browse like that of the Milhous Collection where gathered Christmas presents with average cost of a million dollars. A real carousel, a small vintage automobile, a mechanical: they are 260 lots of valuable catalog that will go to 'auction in an evening joint between RM Auctions and Sotheby's. Over the years, Bob and Paul Milhous have collected a collection of unique items that are now arriving at auction for the joy of the most spoiled children of the rich or collectors.

Behind the festivals are multiplying the catalogs of luxury gifts that, in spite of the difficult economic time, they go like hot cakes, as happened to Ferrari catalog of Neiman Marcus .

The Milhous Collection There are, however, some items are truly unique and not just for the prices. We start from the carousel, a real carousel of yesteryear. With a diameter of 46 meters, the carousel mounts 44 different animals on which children will enjoy the sweet sound of music. All for a price ranging between one million and a million and a half dollars.

Mechanical parts of ancient date, various relics of the past, but some lots are truly breathtaking. This is the case of the mini classic car, a 1927 Auburn, absolutely identical to the model "large" if not for the proportions of its child and the absence of the engine. For there are indeed propel the pedals, as in all cars for children. Here, too, the price is really stratospheric: a million dollars.

These estimates, of course, that can not be met, but according to the editors you are talking about collector's items that are missing on the market for some time and that will attract legions of fans, even without small children. On the other hand, some collections are the prerogative of the few.

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Did people appreciate your gift?

2007-12-31 18:39:35 by mlefferts

I've been pretty depressed, and the holidays just added to it. I love the holidays, and this year could not manage to get into the spirit the way I normally do, Just bought a house and had a baby, so we had very little to spend on Christmas this year.
Almost everyone understands and appreciates our financial position, and was grateful for the homebaked cookies and small gifts I gave, and understood when I asked for things I needed instead of things I wanted. I was over my Mom's house and she asked me what I wanted, and I said my car desperately needs new tires and an alignment, so if she could tell people pepboys giftcards, that would be great

Low cost gifts idea - Christmas ornaments

2010-12-03 19:46:38 by giftidea1

We have been on a budget for years at Christmas so this is what we do. We get a bunch of nice, but low cost ornaments with room to write a name on them. Go to a craft store or hardware store and buy a paint pen. Write the child's name and the year on the ornament. This makes a gift that is personalized, lasts for years, not junk to be thrown away, and a tradition in our family. Now several members of the family are doing this also so each child is getting several different ornaments a year. Each child gets a nice gift and each family doesn't have to spend a fortune. By the time each kid is grown they have enough ornaments to decorate a small tree of their own and a memory for each year

Any ideas?

2010-12-14 19:59:48 by 18kaitieskreations

Im needing some ideas for Christmas gifts for the family. I am super crafty so i dont want to do the whole store bought thing this year. I have lots of time and i mostly do paper crafts such as scrapbooks, memory books, things like that. There are so many people i need something for, to do scrapbooks would be pretty expensive so im looking for some "innovative" thinkers for some advice. I need something for a 3 or 4 year old. She is very mature for her age so she wont just tear up whatever i give her. I need something for my brother and sister in law who just had a baby boy, my grandparents, aunt and uncle, cousins, and friends that are teens

How to Open a Savings account for Newborn

2006-11-09 15:26:17 by NewParent26

Our first son, and I want to get him started on the road to riches (Or at least a good start).
I plan on opening a 529 plan for him, through Vanguard. It sounds like a great way to get a head start, and contribute monthly to.
On top of that, he gets gifts from grandparents and relatives, and I was told I Should open his own account, so the question is, should i open a checking account or savings account with him?
I know I can get like 5% savings for him with an online bank account, but how hard/easy is that to do with a baby?
I guess what I am askin

What was Christmas without a doll?

2006-11-26 12:47:14 by Rachel46

My first dolls were twin baby dolls that came with an English twin baby carriage. I recieved a doll from Santa every year until I was 13. I believed in Santa thru my 12th year, my Grandparents did such a good job of protecting me from the "truth". I will never forget the excitement of seeing that certain shaped box that screamed "new" doll. Of course Christmas was the one time in the year we recieved gifts of toys. I think dolls that do nothing and leave everything to a childs imagination are the best. Good Luck to you in your search.

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